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What Every Law Firm Needs To Know About Marketing Retreats

Law firms are ever changing. Client needs change, new partners come on board, and you expand your areas of practice. These changes can be difficult, especially when it comes to marketing. As you make these changes within the firm, you also should make changes to your marketing strategies to stay successful and ensure you're attracting new clients. A retreat can help.

Understanding What A Retreat Is

When thinking of a retreat for legal services marketing, don't think secluded island. The purpose of this type of retreat is to allow staff the opportunity to coordinate with one another in order to review past marketing strategies and successes, get team member feedback on new marketing ideas and educate one another on the needs of the firm going forward.

With this information, you can use intel from past mistakes to formulate a more effective marketing strategy for your firm that is based on feedback from the entire team.

Organizing The Team

In terms of organizing a retreat, the team you compile together will be one of the most important factors and a large determiner of how successful the gathering is. Ideally, the marketing director that either works in-house for your firm or a third-party consultant should be the designated leader of the retreat team.

This individual will have the greatest knowledge about specific marketing performances and needs. Next, all top-level partners should be invited to attend. This group will be able to present more detailed information about their specific marketing needs. At this point, the retreat should be opened to any lower-level, or junior, partners that are responsible for self-marketing, as well as any aides that support them and operate within this role.

Planning For The Retreat

Think of a marketing retreat as the live show. Just like you wouldn't put on a presentation without a rehearsal, don't have everyone attend the retreat without having at least one brainstorming session beforehand. These brainstorming sessions offer an excellent opportunity to plan for the retreat. On the day of the actual retreat, senior level partners typically don't have a lot of time to spare.

With this pre-planning, the team will be able to present more clear and concise strategies for everyone to decide upon. To ensure everyone is on target, the retreat leader should provide each person with feedback on their brainstorming presentations to highlight any areas of necessary improvement.

A marketing retreat can help your firm explore new strategies and learn from past mistakes to put you on a path to reaching your goals more aggressively.