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Don't Call Saul: Three Ways To Legaly Get More Clients For Your Law Firm

One of the most important tasks for a law firm is the process of generating new clients. You have to be very careful about what sort of practices you employ. As a proper law firm, you don't want to employ the gray area solicitation practices used by some unscrupulous lawyers, a la the famous Saul Goodman. Besides giving your firm a bad name, it can land you in trouble with the law depending on how far across the line you go (such as directly contacting a person and soliciting their business). This rule against direct solicitation is why legal lead conversion and other marketing techniques are so vital to the health of your firm. Here are three things to do.

Create A Comprehensive Website With Accurate Copy

Your law firm should have a professional, comprehensive website. When you eventually do get clients to come to your website, you want them to be impressed. This means that you should have comprehensive sections on all of the specialties your firm deals with (be it tax law, custody litigation, etc...). Also, you should have detailed bios on all of the principal partners in the firm. People like to attach a face to name, and see the bona fides of the attorney they might be dealing with. Finally, there is a fine line between legally accurate and optimized copy. You don't want a Senior partner who isn't used to dealing with modern search engines to compose the bulk of the text. However, you also don't want someone who is completely unschooled in law to write copy either. So, a good idea would be to frame out the idea and hire a online marketing firm to compose the bulk copy, and then have it checked by one of the junior associates for any stand out issues before posting it online.

Don't Waste Money On Marketing That Is Not Quantifiable

You don't want to waste money spending on advertisements that you cant measure. A television ad might seem nice, but it's not the most easily trackable. It will be hard to actually quantify the value of your marketing investment. Just how many people were funnel through the ad and got to your website, or called your office? It's better to choose a method that is much more trackable. That's where a legal lead conversion service comes into play.

Use A Dedicated Legal Conversion Service With Analytics

The most professional method of getting clients is to sign up with a legal lead conversion service. They can direct clients to your website, and office number. You let them do all the heavy lifting; sourcing names, filtering out the different client needs, and setting up people with the correct litigators and law firms. Best of all, you can get analytic information from these services so that you can see just how effective they are. You can see what percentage of traffic comes from what area, how many people who inquire about information follow up with a consultation, and then further refine this to see how many people who have the initial consultation end up hiring your law firm.