Advertising a Home Based Business

3 Tips For Creating A Business Website

Making your first business website can be an overwhelming and time-consuming process. Knowing the major problems new websites face can help you avoid common pitfalls and have a respectable website up and running quicker.

Choose Appropriate Hosting

Part of having a good business website is investing in a web hosting service that suits the needs of your business. When your business is new, shared hosting may be appropriate. Once you have more visitors to your website and your business starts gaining visibility, you will need a better hosting plan. Some options can include upgrading to a business account on a shared hosting plan or purchasing a virtual private server. Although a business account will give you more bandwidth and storage space, it is on a shared hosting plan, which has drawbacks. The major drawback is you are sharing space with many unknown websites. If the other websites on the same server have illegal content or other problems, your website could also be shut down. When your business makes enough income, a dedicated server will always be the safest course of action.

Aim For Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is important so visitors will recognize your business across different platforms. Think of your business website as the command center and other platforms, such as mobile apps and social media as merely extensions of your website. The easiest way to create continuity across different platforms is to create a specific format for your website and be consistent across different platforms. One component of your brand recognition will be your logo. It is critical to invest in a professional logo because it will be your branding for many years to come. The typography and layout of your website can be part of your brand recognition. You may use specific fonts and color schemes on each platform. Businesses often match text in their logo with the typography on their website to further drive continuity.

Keep Your Website Optimized

The layout of your website can largely influence speed. Since the average visitor will not wait long for your website to load or to move from one page to the next, streamlining your website is best. Hiring a web design professional from your local software development services is one way to achieve a good balance of professionalism and a clean design. Many beginners believe their website looks better with large chunks of texts, pictures, graphics, and videos. This often results in a cluttered website with little negative space, which can look more like a spam website than a professional business. If your business largely focuses on intense graphics, such as game programming or graphic design, having a dedicated gallery for these items will prevent drag on your servers while providing visitors with the content they desire.

Knowing basic strategies when starting a business website will help speed the process from planning to launching the website.