Advertising a Home Based Business

How To Make Your Website Content SEO-Friendly

Most businesses can do a better job of making their websites search-engine-optimization (SEO) friendly. Starting with the content on your website and making it more appealing to search engines may improve your rankings.

Use Keyword Research

Keyword research may not seem necessary, but it can influence the content you add to your website. In addition to understanding the popularity of a specific keyword and competitiveness, you may find secondary keywords that are less competitive. The main advantage of using secondary keywords that are less competitive is that you have a better chance of improving your rankings when competing against websites that have a long online history. Additionally, you may notice that what people actually search for and the keywords you think they use are different. This difference is common when people are searching for doctors, lawyers, or other professionals. The average person is more likely to search for a "brain doctor" and not a "neurologist" or "neurosurgeon." Creating more relatable content can also improve your SEO in verbal searches.

Focus On Product Descriptions And Tags

If you sell products via your website, your product descriptions and tags can help individual products appear in search engine rankings. When you describe a product, be as descriptive as possible. Not only will this information be helpful to someone making a purchase online, but it may also capture more searches for the product. For example, a person searching for a floral blouse might also include descriptors, such as soft, flowy, or sheer. Similarly, when you tag your products appropriately, it increases the likelihood of them appearing in the shopping results, which can further entice people to make a purchase.

Capitalize On Location

Regardless of whether you have a traditional storefront or operate exclusively online, your website needs to capitalize on location-based searches. This includes linking your website to your business listing and including location information on your website. If you operate online only, you may only provide basic information about your location, such as the city and state. The benefit of including this information is that people searching for products near them may also see your online store in their search results. Being located close to an online seller can persuade a customer to purchase from you over other options, since the transit time may be shorter, even without upgraded shipping.

A good SEO strategy requires a combination of different approaches, but your website content plays a powerful role. Optimizing your website content for SEO purposes can make your business appear in more searches or even rank higher. Learn more about SEO marketing from a local firm.