Advertising a Home Based Business

6 Tips For Effectively Marketing To New College Students

Student marketing is a challenge. When it comes to college students, many of them are extremely advertising savvy, and aren't interested in being sold to. As a demographic, Gen Z has to be approached uniquely. Here are a few tips.

1. Hire a Subject Matter Expert

In this situation, that means hire a student. Students know best what other students will find too promotional or cheesy. A student can operate as a consultant, or you can regularly bring in students for market testing and focus groups.

2. Use Your Social Media

College students are on social media constantly today, which makes it a powerful platform for student marketing. Not only is social media an effective form of online marketing, but it's also affordable; if you do it right, you don't need to spend a dime.

Social media also makes it possible to interact one-on-one with college students and build up a rapport, something that's very important if you want to learn more about your demographics.

3. Be Sincere

If you're selling a product, you're also solving a problem. Pitch your products and services directly to students as a way of solving their problems, and they'll be more likely to take you as sincere. 

4. Avoid Going Too Trendy

When brands try to follow current trends, they often get them wrong. It's better to create a timeless and earnest campaign than try to appeal too much to the youth; they can see through it when brands are trying to be too familiar with them.

5. Don't Forget Your Demographics

College students aren't a singular demographic, nor are they a singular type of buyer. A college campus is a microcosm of the real world: there's all types. Make sure to pay attention to your buyer personas and your demographics. Don't just sell to a "generic college student," because there really isn't any average college student. The more specific your buyer personas, the better.

6. Present Some Deals and Discounts

College students are often looking for deals, as one of the most cash-strapped demographics in existence. Follow deal sites, post deals regularly, and contribute to deal-related lists, to try to pull in your market.

New college students aren't necessarily looking to spend a lot of money, but they do appreciate a sincere, earnest business. If you're marketing to new college students, you need to be open about your product and you need to put it in places they're likely to see it: namely, social media.