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How Insight Surveys Match The Right Consumer To A Product

Bringing the right consumer together with a company's products is one of the biggest challenges in marketing. Anything a company can do to accelerate the process of matching the consumer with a product is a market advantage. Consumer insights surveys are among the tools for accelerating this process.

You might wonder how you and a consumer insights service provider will accomplish this goal. This is how surveys can streamline the process.

Identifying Demographic Clusters

Foremost, you want to be able to identify targetable clusters of consumers. If you can't say who your target customer is, it's hard to do any messaging in a marketing campaign. Few products have the broad appeal necessary for one campaign to connect with teenagers, 40-year-olds, and Social Security recipients, for example.

A consumer insights survey service firm will ask demographic questions to narrow in on the people who connect with your product. This means asking these questions of everybody to get a sense of who the survey audience is. Later, you can tie this information to specific groups and their responses to additional questions.

Product Knowledge

It is critical to determine how much product knowledge is circulating in the general market. Likewise, you'll want to know how well specific groups know your products.

A marketing campaign is going to be very different if virtually no one knows that a product exists. Early marketing efforts will have to go into simply raising awareness. Also, you may need to further use a consumer insights service to test how well the message is penetrating over a campaign period.

Conversely, a known product could still have issues. People might not understand the product. For example, in the early days of personal computing and the internet, lots of folks understood that the product category was important. However, they often struggled to grasp how the product could work.

Market Research

Finding the consumer in the real world is often as challenging as raising their awareness. You want to know where a group looks for information. One demographic might get most of their product information from watching commercials during a TV show. Another demographic may largely follow influencers on social media and YouTube. Surveys will determine where you can connect with consumers.


Ultimately, you want to spend the best marketing dollar to get the most return. This means finding the most effective channels to reach target groups. Using survey data, you can determine which marketing channels will connect with people who have the money to spend on a product and the interest to buy it.