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5 Signs It's Time To Adjust Your Marketing Efforts

Marketing is an essential part of getting organizations, brands, products, and services out into the world. Knowing when it's time to adjust your marketing efforts, though, is just as important as launching campaigns. An advertising agency will encourage clients to make adjustments whenever they detect these five signs of trouble.

Insufficient Brand Awareness

If you've been throwing time, money, and effort at campaigns without breaking through in terms of public awareness, it's likely time to reconsider your marketing plans. There are numerous reasons that efforts might not move the needle on brand awareness. A campaign might not target the right audience, for example. Working with a marketing agency, though, you can dial in your efforts until the public does make the connection.

Overt Negativity

Some marketing efforts connect but leave a bad taste in people's mouths. If many people seem to be overtly negative about your brand, you should ask serious questions about what's happening. In extreme instances, people may actively seek to damage your brand because they're so upset. Even if the damage doesn't come from marketing work, you may need to use advertising to clean up your brand's public image.

Poor Engagement or Sales

Most marketing efforts should also move the needle on engagement or sales depending on what your organization's purpose is. People can be brand-aware and positive while still not feeling motivated to engage or buy. They might not understand the benefits of a product or service, for example. Your marketing work may need to put more effort into explaining the benefits versus just elevating the brand.


Good marketing for good products and services should build a core group of consumers. If you're seeing a lot of churn, something could be missing the mark. People might feel disappointed because the product experience doesn't match their expectations based on the marketing, for example. Also, marketing might appeal too strongly to groups that aren't as engaged. Moving your marketing efforts to better-engaged audiences could reduce churn.

Lack of Differentiation

You may find from customer surveys that people don't see your brands, products, or services as especially different from what else is on the market. An advertising agency can help you better explain what makes your company's offerings better for their needs or lifestyles.

In some cases, folks may also experience brand confusion. If a brand is too similar to something else, the public may struggle to even see it. Especially if you're just breaking into the market with a product, it's important to stand out so people get that your stuff isn't just another offering from the competition.

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