Stocking The Tools In Your Field Marketing Toolbox: What You Need

Online marketing is all the rage, but is it enough? While online marketing is important to any business, you still need field marketing to create greater visibility for your company. Here are the tools you will need to stock your field marketing toolbox. Promotional Materials Depending on your budget, you can buy everything from brochures and business cards to pencils and notepads stamped with your company information. Whatever you choose for promotional materials, you should have at least two paper promotional materials (e.

Don't Call Saul: Three Ways To Legaly Get More Clients For Your Law Firm

One of the most important tasks for a law firm is the process of generating new clients. You have to be very careful about what sort of practices you employ. As a proper law firm, you don't want to employ the gray area solicitation practices used by some unscrupulous lawyers, a la the famous Saul Goodman. Besides giving your firm a bad name, it can land you in trouble with the law depending on how far across the line you go (such as directly contacting a person and soliciting their business).

What Every Law Firm Needs To Know About Marketing Retreats

Law firms are ever changing. Client needs change, new partners come on board, and you expand your areas of practice. These changes can be difficult, especially when it comes to marketing. As you make these changes within the firm, you also should make changes to your marketing strategies to stay successful and ensure you're attracting new clients. A retreat can help. Understanding What A Retreat Is When thinking of a retreat for legal services marketing, don't think secluded island.

Engaging Patients With a Website for Your Medical Practice

As a doctor, you're likely always looking for ways to engage the patients you have and attract new ones. Because of how much people use the internet on their computer, phone, and other devices, having a website for your practice can be a great way to do that. With the pointers below, you can make your site a great resource for the community you serve. Use a Medical Website Template

Simple Social Media Marketing Mistakes That You Should Learn To Spot And Correct

Social media marketing is practically a "must" in today's fluid shopping environment. If you aren't using social media to market your business, then you appear out-of-touch and behind-the-times to customers. However, using social media poorly can actually be worse than not using social media at all. Clumsy efforts can drive away would-be customers and can cost your business. While there are sound principles that you should learn about social media marketing, many of the mistakes made when using social media to advertise are transparent and easy to correct; below are some of these simple, but potentially deadly, mistakes and what you can do to keep them from derailing your social media marketing campaigns:

Maximizing Paid Search On A Tiny Budget: Advice For Small Business Owners

An effective paid search strategy is a cost-effective way for your small business to find new customers and drive growth. With all the relevant information you need to hand, you can carefully track conversion rates and use highly targeted campaigns to reach out to distinct customer niches. Unfortunately, small business owners must often do this with limited budget. If your paid search budget won't stretch very far, get the biggest return on investment with these five crucial optimization tips.

Digital Marketing Jobs That Don't Require A College Degree

With college costs rising and student debt taking on new proportions, many people of all ages are looking into job opportunities that offer growth without requiring a college degree. Whether you are fresh out of high school or thinking about switching careers later in life, focusing on a career that will likely continue to be lucrative over the next decade or more is important. Take a look at this list of careers in digital marketing that will probably continue to show a high demand over the next several years and beyond.